May Sunita 

I am passionately dedicated to empowering and supporting mothers on a deeper level. My focus is on strengthening the mother-child attachment, which is crucial from conception and during the time in the mother’s womb. That’s where it all begins. We have all been in a mother’s womb.


  • Certified midwife with experience in maternity care and delivery ward
  • Trained Trauma Therapist in IoPT (Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory)
  • Member of the Norwegian Midwifery Association
  • Member of the Norwegian Trauma Therapist Association


Work Experience

IoPT Trauma Therapist, IoPT Midwife May Sunita AS, Norway

Delivery Ward, Nordlandssykehuset Vesterålen, Norway

Home Care Services, Sortland, Norway

Home Care Services, Tromsø, Norway

Women’s Clinic, Tromsø University Hospital, Norway

Pulmonary Department, Tromsø University Hospital, Norway

Nursing Home, Tromsø, Norway



2007 – Nursing Education, Arctic University, Tromsø

2015 – Midwifery Education, Arctic University, Tromsø

2022 – IoPT – Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Theory. Trauma specialization training, Norwegian Trauma Institute, Oslo.